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Raw materials come in various forms. Our expertise initiates when the materials are in powder or granular forms. There are multiple benefits for our IBC systems, such as storage, transfer, and discharge processes.

Our priority is cone valve technology. When placed into the IBC, a dust-tight seal is assembled between the cone valve and the actuator. Then, a low-pressure plant air supply lifts the valve to withdraw the product as needed.

Using plant-compressed air to elevate the cone valve into the storage vessel creates a variable and adjustable aperture; our novel patented design reliably performs its function. Most IBC systems in the industry use a butterfly valve which creates rat holes, segregation, and a bridge when closing.

The cone valve technology creates a process called "First In—First Out Flow." This allows the product to be tubular-free and flow past the cone, which does not generate segregation or rat holding. In addition, the cone valve enables the product to be accurate by weight and allows the development of continuous batches.

shutter fly cone valve
shutter fly cone valve

Integrated System

ISL’s Cone Valve has an integrated system that promotes and controls product flow

Systematic Discharge

When the Cone Valve is lifted for discharging the product or blended material, there is a systematic discharge of materials to avoid segregation

In-Bin Blending

In-Bin Blending provides companies to blend the material in the IBC. Mixing directly within the IBCs reduces the number of product transfers by two (02) and the unique advantage of the cone valve is that during each revolution, it separates and re-mixes the product,so creating a better-quality mix

Easy Connection

When the IBC is placed on the discharge station, no further manual intervention is required as compared to other containment systems


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